Why is the Internet slow?


Why is the Internet slow?

May 9, 2019 internet by admin

It doesn’t matter what you do on the Internet: watch videos on YouTube, play, download software or just upload photos to the cloud. A slow Internet connection will be nervous and get in the way anyway: here’s what you need about why the Internet is slow.

First, clear your browser’s cookies. You can do this in the history tab or when you delete your browsing history. It is possible that there are so many cookies that the browser “clogged” and began to slow down.

Update the network card driver

If the Internet is too slow, there is a possibility that the driver of your network card is “out of date” or “out of date”. In this case, download the appropriate driver. To install the new network driver on your computer:

network cable ethernet computer 159304 1000x450 - Why is the Internet slow?

– Open “control Panel” and run “device Manager”.

– Find your network card there and right click on it. In the menu, select “Update drivers” and specify the location of the search: “Search for drivers on this computer.”

– Select “Select a driver from the list of device drivers on your computer” and click “Install from disk”.

You can then select the driver file that you downloaded.

Reboot the router

A simple reboot of the router can also help if the Internet has become slow. To reset the router, unplug it for about 10 seconds. If the Internet is still slow to load pages, there is a possibility that the anti-virus or firewall settings are incorrect: they should be fully checked again.

If the Internet is still too slow, contact your ISP.

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