What determines the speed of the Internet and how to measure it?

What determines the speed of the Internet and how to measure it?

What determines the speed of the Internet and how to measure it?

May 9, 2019 internet by admin

From the speed of the Internet, whether it is home cable, Wi-Fi or mobile 3G or 4G, depends on your comfort of consumption and transmission of information in turn, this affects the performance. What Internet speed is sufficient for everyday tasks and how to measure it – in this article.
The higher the speed of the Internet, the more comfortable to work. This axiom has been in effect since the time of data transmission by telephone cable via Dial-Up modem and has not lost its relevance in the era of fiber optic lines.

High-speed cable Internet

Indeed, high-speed cable Internet does not give cause for nerves when transferring large data, providing speeds up to 100 Mbit / s, but only if dozens of other subscribers who like to watch streaming video and download torrents are not connected to the provider’s switch. In these cases, there may be a sharp drop in the speed of the Internet connection in two or three times, especially in the evening.

Poroshenko urged to cover villages with high-speed Internet

If the provider is talking about the possibility to use fiber in your home, the connection to it should solve the problem with the speed drop. In some cases, fiber can be carried into the apartment, but this will require special equipment. Cost this Internet will be a little more expensive.

To understand how much is reduced bandwidth provider can simply measure the speed of the Internet during the day and evening. It is enough to go to a special Internet speed meter and record its readings by simply taking a screenshot.

High-speed Internet via W-Fi

How to amplify the signal Wi-Fi router at home

However, if you use a Wi-Fi router, the speed drop on the way to your devices over the wireless channel will be in any case, to a greater or lesser extent, depending on your hardware. The loss of speed in the wireless connection is due to the use of a limited channel width, encryption and congestion of the selected channel (or router) by your neighbors.

In the first case, to increase the speed of data reception from the Internet will help a special dual-band router mode (not every model supports), in which the user is involved in the return of two bands: 2.4 and 5 GHz.

If your entrance most of the neighbors are using routers, the majority of the transmission occurs at a frequency of 2.4 Hz on standard channels 1/6/11. To improve the situation will help the choice of intermediate channels, less noisy neighbors.

Choose the least loaded channel will allow mobile application wi-fi analyzer. However, it is worth remembering that most client devices have transmitter power reduced more than twice on the “extreme” channels (1 and 11/13 for 2.4 GHz).

A more radical solution may be the purchase of a router with support for two bands and the use of 5 GHz frequency. On this range of channels to choose more, but it is worth considering that the ability of punching through the capital walls it is much worse.

Here again, you need to test. Will help in this meter speed.

Mobile Internet via 3G | 4G

Slow Internet on your tablet

3468 1 - What determines the speed of the Internet and how to measure it?Of course, to have a high-speed mobile Internet is fine, but the cost of this pleasure is quite high. The amount depends on the speed and volume of prepaid traffic. But in any case, with the mobile Internet torrents are not particularly pumped, and the videos, as a rule, enough and 2 GB of traffic.

To measure the speed of your mobile Internet you can also through the speed meter.

How to achieve high speed of your home and mobile Internet

On a PC, try to make sure that you have the latest drivers, especially the network card.

It is advisable not to run several programs that actively use the Internet at the same time. The system reserves a separate stream for each program and together they significantly reduce the data transmission channel. It is worth remembering that the processes and services of software updates and monitoring loaded with the start of the system reserve streams for themselves. Therefore, if you are not so important such processes (except antivirus, disable them in startup. Heavily load the channel (and RAM) many open tabs in the browser and torrent tracker.

On your smartphone and tablet, do not cover the 4G and Wi-Fi transmitter with your hand; Try not to run multiple applications using mobile Internet at the same time. And, by the way, regularly clear the cache of applications and browser. The browser’s cache folder is full, which can make it difficult to work.

Try to sit less at your PC and smartphone (especially in social networks), and spend more time outdoors, do outdoor activities and travel. A high-speed Internet will help you with this.

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