Top 5 most popular websites in the world

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Top 5 most popular websites in the world

Alexa regularly publishes a list of the most visited sites in the world. What services took first place in the top, we will tell you in our article the Top 5 most popular sites in the world.
So, which pages are most often searched by users? It is not strange, but in this rating there is nothing with the prefix “hub”.

Global page views are closely monitored by an online service called Alexa. If the name you associate with Alexa from Amazon, you are not so far from the truth – Alexa Internet Inc. it is a subsidiary of Amazon. By the way, the online store itself was on the 10th place in the list of the most frequently visited sites in the world with its domain ahhh!

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1. Google

What Google knows about us

Not only on the very first places of the list of the most popular sites, but also among the most widely represented domains is a company that is probably already known on Mars – Google. In General, Google services takes the first and 14 places-among the 50 most popular sites around the world.

2. Almost Google: YouTube

YouTube is testing a new design

The second place also gets one of the services of Google – video portal YouTube, which belongs to the American concern for several years.

3. “Almighty” Facebook

personal data about thousands of moderators

In third place – the service is probably also known to the vast majority of users. This is the social network Facebook.

4. Chinese Google: Baidu

In CIS little known the search system but this did not prevent it from becoming the fourth most popular service in the world ranking. This is a Chinese search service that can find not only sites, but also MP3-files.

5. The concentration of knowledge: Wikipedia

Fifth place is a well-known online encyclopedia

In General, among the 50 most popular sites around the world there are mainly search engines, social networks, video portals, as well as online stores and trading platforms like eBay.

Interest in porn sites, however, began to subside. Two corresponding pages are only in the last places of the rating.

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