Slow Internet on your tablet – what to do?

speed main - Slow Internet on your tablet – what to do?

Slow Internet on your tablet – what to do?

May 9, 2019 internet by admin

What could be worse than a slow Internet? If your tablet is slow Wi-Fi, this problem is easy to solve. We will tell you why the Internet does not work, and help to restore a fast connection.
Slow Internet on your tablet? To speed up your Internet connection on your tablet, follow our simple instructions.

Make sure the Wi-Fi is working properly and the gadget is connected to the correct network. Check if you are within range of the router: too much distance can slow down the connection.

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To avoid problems with the Internet, do not put large objects between the tablet and the router.

If the tablet gets access to the proper Wi-Fi network, the router is close, there are no obstacles in the signal path, and the Internet is still slow, try restarting the router. To do this, unplug it for 10 seconds.

To make Wi-Fi work faster, change the advanced settings in the router settings. For example, set the channel to Auto.

Resetting the router to factory default settings will help to solve problems with the Internet connection. But after this procedure, you will have to configure it again.

Make sure that all operating system updates are installed on your gadget.

In some cases, the slowness of the Internet is the fault of the Internet provider. Contact your service provider for more information.

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