Is it safe to use biometric data? How are they protected from scams?


Is it safe to use biometric data? How are they protected from scams?

May 9, 2019 biometric by admin

Biometrics is a much more advanced system of financial protection than PIN codes and SMS from the Bank. Your face, voice and fingerprints scammers can not steal. Biometric systems themselves are also always seriously protected from hacking, theft and data forgery.

Information is stored in closed systems, access to which is limited. For example, biometric data for remote identification is protected by cryptography and stored anonymously.

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The collection of biometric data is allowed only with the consent of the person. For example, you will be asked to sign a visa application at the visa application centre. The same applies to banking services.

In the financial sector, multi — factor authentication is most often used for reliability- that is, on several grounds. For example, a PIN or one-time password plus biometric data. Attackers will not be able to spoof the client’s video because the user is asked to say a unique combination of numbers. To use the system, the customer must first leave a reference voice record in the Bank.

Shopping in a cafe at a glance, transfers with just one finger, loans and deposits without getting up from the couch have become available, but not everywhere. Of course, it will take some time before biometric technologies are used even in the smallest stores in all regions. At least for this you need to hold the Internet throughout the country.

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