How to come up with a strong password and do not forget it?


How to come up with a strong password and do not forget it?

A strong password is one of the first indicators that can protect your personal data that is stored on your PC or in the Internet. Come up with a strong password is not very difficult, the main thing is not to forget it.
The team of TMGinfo faced a problem how to come up with a strong password, and decided to share with You their experience. In this article we will give answers why it is better not to put some passwords at all, and how to choose a password that can protect your personal data.

What are the dumbest passwords in the world?

Here’s a great five: 123456, password, 12345, 12345678, qwerty. If you find in this list a password from your email or Internet Bank, change it right now to some other (but not from the list!), And go back to reading the article.

Why are these passwords so stupid?

Because these passwords are the most popular in the world. Accounts with such passwords are hacked by brute force combinations – there are special programs for this. In fact, brute force hacked, not only the passwords, but these can crack easier.

What is too much?

Brute force is a system that allows you to sort through many possible password options in order. Let’s say you use 5 digits in your password. It’s only 100 thousand combinations. The computer will cope with this task before you have time to read this material. Good email services usually do not allow you to enter wrong passwords endlessly, but such a system is not everywhere.

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What about 10 digits?

It’s still a bad password. The fraudster (or rather, the computer) will take him a few hours. The more digits, the more time he will spend, but still the password is better to be cunning.

Is a rare word good as a password?

No, not at all. A cracker can use a variety of dictionaries to search. The system will eventually find the right word.

And if a rare word and numbers?

This password is harder to find, but still possible. Modern systems of full search (bruteforce) allow you to search not only numbers and words, but also phrases and combinations of words and numbers.

So What’s the best password ?

This password must have many characters – at least a dozen. It should be different characters-numbers, large and small letters, punctuation marks. Letter combinations should form words, even if it is b0gova.

Ehhkjdf3en! @ # Y3els? And how do you remember this password?
Nohow. Don’t memorize it. There are such services – password managers. They generate their own strong passwords and store them. There are a lot of such services – some work online and in applications, others are installed in the computer memory.

For such a Manager also need a password?

Yes. This is called a “master password”. And here is his will have be remembered.

How to come up with a reliable master password and remember it?
You can use some long phrase as a password. It’s easy to remember something like “To be, or not to be, that is the question”, but quotes are better not to use – will pick up. A good option – autogenie.xs poems. Such poetic services are available on the Internet. And we can remember some phrase from the family folklore and to write it in Latin. By the way, some services advise to use Russian words written on the English layout and Vice versa as a good password – but in fact it does not help. With long passwords one trouble – in some systems there are restrictions on the number of characters.

Is it possible to use this poetic password in all accounts?

No, no. If they break one, they break all the others. There is a rule: “One account – one password”.

What if the password Manager is hacked?
The password Manager protection system is designed in such a way that when a massive leak nothing terrible happens – at least, if you have a tricky password. And yet, if there was a hacker attack, managers are asked to change the password – just in case.

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