How is biometrics used in Finance?

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How is biometrics used in Finance?

Apr 28, 2019 biometric by admin

Banks, payment systems, retail chains, cafes and other services are actively implementing biometric technologies. On the one hand, it helps to protect customers from fraud –to overcome the codes of double or even triple biometric identification is much more difficult than to pick up a PIN. On the other hand, it simplifies financial operations: purchases, money transfers and payment for services become easy and fast.

In addition, biometrics is a protection in case of emergency. In Japan, after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, many people lost not only their Bank cards, but also documents. They had to go through long and tedious identification procedures to withdraw money from their accounts. After that, the country created a single biometric system that eliminates such a problem in the future.

Biometric payments

Картинки по запросу Biometric

The breakthrough was the launch of payment services Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Rau, which identify users by fingerprints using smartphones. In 2016, the mobile application of the Chinese payment system Alipay has earned the function of identification by face image.

In Japan, on the eve of the 2020 Olympic games, a new system of payment for goods and services for foreigners has already begun to be tested. It will allow them to pay in hotels, shops and restaurants, just by putting your finger to the reader. Guests can take fingerprints and link them to the Bank card account immediately upon arrival — at ports and airports.

The financiers along with technology companies to develop the most unusual and biometric solutions. For example, one of the foreign banks presented a prototype bracelet with contactless payments function, which identifies the user by heart rate.

Biometrics is also used in USA. In some cafes you can already pay by simply looking at the camera at the checkout. In order for the system to recognize a person, you need to download a special application in advance, attach a Bank card to it and upload your portrait. Special software installed on the cameras near the cash registers, recognizes the person — and automatically debits the money from his account.


Some foreign and US banks use facial recognition technology for money transfers. You download a special application to your smartphone and choose “photo translation”. Then find the recipient’s photo in the gallery. The image is sent to the banking system face recognition. Masked card number is displayed. You just have to confirm the sending of money.

Loans and deposits online

In USA, biometric identification is already widely used in banks. Large banks use voice technologies in call centers, facial recognition technologies when the client re-applies to the Bank branch for a loan, fingerprint scanning to enter the mobile application and access to Bank cells.

The mechanism of remote identification in USA allows you to open deposits, accounts and receive many other services online. To do this, the client needs only once to come to the Bank with the documents and pass the primary identification — record voice and video. The Bank sends this data to a Single biometric system. Then a person can remotely receive the services of any Bank, passing a double identity verification: through a Single state system of identification and authentication (Portal of public services) and through a Single biometric system. The whole procedure will take a few minutes.

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