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social media marketing channels - Top 5 most popular websites in the world

Top 5 most popular websites in the world

Alexa regularly publishes a list of the most visited sites in the world. What services took first place in the top, we will tell you in our article the Top 5 most popular sites in the world. So, which pages are most often searched by users? It is not strange, but in this rating there is nothing with the prefix "hub".
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Volkswagen accidentally showed the future electric car at the price of Golf

How to come up with a strong password and do not forget it?

A strong password is one of the first indicators that can protect your personal data that is stored on your PC or in the Internet. Come up with a strong password is not very difficult, the main thing is not to forget it. The team of TMGinfo faced a problem how to come up with a strong password, and decided to share with You their experience. In this article we will give answers why it is better not to put some passwords at all, and how to choose a password that can protect your personal data.
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How attackers over 4G can ruin your life: 10 new ways from scientists

Researchers at Purdue University and the University of Iowa have come up with 10 new ways to hack 4G LTE networks. With them, hackers can connect to the network under the guise of another user, spoof the sender of messages and data on the location of the mobile device, as well as forcibly disconnect other people's phones from the network. We tell briefly about what the researchers came up with.
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